Sunday, January 25, 2015

Making decisions

My friend, Elizabeth, was blogging about decisions and fear. This was my thought:

Sometimes Heavenly Father lets us walk into the darkness, but we are never alone. We are with the light of the world. Sometimes our eyes just have to adjust. 

As I rolled the idea over in my head I realized just how true it was. When Stuart and I got engaged, I knew it was right. I loved him, and we both loved God. Therefore, we were connected by something much more stable than a feeling. However, I had moments of fear during our final stages of courtship. You see, majoring in family studies, I see all the statistics. And, since working on coding, this perception is only worse. I see broken couples almost everyday. Affairs, anger, drifting apart. 

But, the Gospel, and the atonement, are not only there for our broken pieces. if we let Him in, Jesus Christ amplifies the happy times in our lives. With Him we "see the good in the world". 

We can understand that there is much more to this life than looking for a job, choosing a major, or any other decisions that have to be made. Instead, when a decision is made, we can focus on the good of it, and pray for continued guidance. 

If we move forward, not only in confidence with our decision, but in confidence with God, we will not fear. Instead, we will be warned if something is not right. We will have a stupor of thought. It's a feeling of being unsettled, of being discomforted. Those two feelings, fear and discomfort, take time to discern. But, they are discernable. 

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