Thursday, July 11, 2013

Never quite pleased with where I am

When mom and dad are away, the kids must play. That's the rule, right? Well, tonight mom and dad are at church meetings (they're off getting our blessings as mom would say). So I scavenged the house for something to eat. Surprisingly after 5 years of school the same thing happens... there is nothing in the house to eat, or rather nothing that is quick enough. So I will revert back to my college days. Yes, I can legit-ly say "When I was in college". And what am I reverting back to? Peanut butter toast with cinnamon and sugar. Thank-you Camille for teaching me this. So much better than regular butter.

And with all of this talk of college I miss Provo. I miss crying on the phone to my mom. I miss running over to Beatriz's apartment to talk about boys. I miss school.

One month. Is it only one month until I leave to go to Logan? Amazing how times flies. Well, peanut butter toast here I come! Running in the cold, slipping on the ice and papers to write. Now I miss Georgia.