Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween- Friday

So, sadly I didn't take any picture to document the momentous occassion. But last night was more fun than I expected. In all we visited ten Halloween parties in the space of 4 hours, courtesy of the Wilk and our loose definition of the word "party". Our definition is: If three's a crowd then four's a party, right?

We ended up going to our own complex party, our stake bowling party, a pastry making party, a bingo game, a whole bunch of single's wards and even a couple of family wards. In the end we snuck into another ward's party and ended up watching a movie with this guy we met earlier from our stake.

We thought it was only fitting that we watched Princess Bride since our new friend, Caleb, was dressed as Inigo Montoya.

I have a feeling Saturday night will not be as exciting, but I'm considering a cup of hot apple cider, a warm blanket and a good movie might be all I can handle today. Darn cough, why did you have to come on the weekend of one of the most anticipated weekends at BYU?