Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My roomies: Morgan, Keri and Ashley. Annie must be taking the picture. If you think they're adorable here, think about what they must look like when they aren't dressed up like rednecks! 

Keri and competed against each other for best cow girl. While I won that one, I told her she could be best Hick. She agreed.

What good is a hoedown without chili? Of course there was a contest. There was a lot of good chili! Yummy!

My Student

Me with my student, Emma. Yes she's taller than me, and yes, she's only 12.

BYU Hockey Game

John and I went on a group date with my room mates to the BYU-Utah Hockey Game. It was pretty amazing. Hockey can be a very invigorating sport. We tired to sit close enough to see the blood, but when a fight broke out I didn't notice any. I did come to the conclusion however, that I am not very good at i phone hockey.

We went to this really yummy ice cream sandwich shoppe before the game. I'm sure the cashier though I was crazy when I ordered strawberry cheesecake ice cream squished between two peppermint cookies. 

When the date finally ended it was midnight. Of course us room mates got together to report on our individual dates. But I was sworn to room mate secrecy.