Monday, March 9, 2009

A final decision

Okay, so maybe not final, but pretty dang close. I've been looking at a lot of degrees: elementary education, nutrition, home ec education and even nursing. But after looking at all the classes, I've declared my major as... drum roll... Home economics education (FACS in todays lingo). I'm really excited about the classes. Where else could you take floral design? :) Yes, it might change, but who knows? Maybe I've found my true calling... Hmmmm. Who's to know?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Break the fast!

I have learned to LOVE fast sundays! There are less meetings, meaning more naps, and best of all: Break the fast! This sunday it was so beautiful that we had it outside! Spring is fast approaching, I just hope it sticks around!
On the wall...

Or on the ground?


We had a really terrific ward pirate party. We did a treasure hunt, which led us to the Wilk, where we had the best party EVER! Everyone was dressed up and it was so much fun!

The boat racing (ours flipped in the first round)

Our wonderful "score" keeper

Me, Jocelynn and Sadie in our best Pirate Garb!