Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happenings of last semester

Maybe I will actually remember that I have this blog. But probably not, so you'll get lots of posts like this one: Long and random


Me and Nikki with our home made pies at Stevo's

The awesomeness that is Dinner at Lena's 


Me and Nikki were bored out of our minds so we headed to the mall for some window shopping (Which doesn't seem to happen) and we got ginormo ice cream cones!
And then I proceeded to drag my ice cream cone through Nikki's hair. I know, I am very talented. 

In preparation for Christmas, my FHE group got together and decorated cookies of all shapes and colors, and they tasted delicious!
Diane and Ben 



The Craigs came and visited for a while, and it was really nice to see them and we had a lot fo fun together while they were with us in Georgia.

The Craig side over in Grandma's apartment 
Watching UGA Football in the Georgia room 

Ashley looked like a real horseback-rider, but needs to get a big butt to go with the package.

And this is my cute cousin Cole. Yep, adorable.