Friday, June 26, 2015

Truth will always be truth

The search for truth is difficult sometimes. But that is not because it is not there. Usually, the search is difficult because it has to be a little obscured for it's sacredness. In the New Testament, Christ spoke to his disciples in parables. Those who wanted to know the answers to questions would actively seek out the Master for the answers. We still have a decision to accept the answers we are given (see the Mark 10).

This is how I see many of the questions we struggle with as members. The recent ruling on marriage in this country is one. Our conduct on the Sabbath is another. We can either go with our own ideas or we can receive revelation from the One who knows everything from the beginning to the end. 

The miracle? We will not be abandoned because those around us are not making choices in accordance with His will. He can strengthen us to continue to stand for the family or to continue to observe the Sabbath, despite pressures. This does NOT mean that we become belligerent against those who do support these habits, we just stop from continuing along the same path.