Saturday, February 22, 2014

Note to self

We've talked about it before. Those days where everything seems to go wrong. But that's only half the truth. The truth is, it may be harder to see all the good things that are going right. Last night, Stuart and I made pizza. The pizza crust was a new recipe for me, and I think we left it in a little too long. It was VERY crispy. Also, note to self- buy a pizza cutter. It took both of us to cut the pizza because our skills for cutting pizza apparently wouldn't "cut it" :).

It was good pizza though. I highly recommend using a white sauce. Second note to self- buy a broom. I have a hand vacuum, and that does the trick for cleaning up dust. But broken glass? Nope. Stuart swept me off my feet though, carrying me across the kitchen floor through all the little glass pieces.

Third note to self. Enjoy life. Laugh... A LOT. That's what I seem to do lately. Just laugh at life, because it makes no sense. Life is like a date night with crispy pizza, fluffy homemade ice cream that is just "off", and broken shards of glass. In the end there are still lots of laughs and great conversations. Love life.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

Thursday was a very crazy day around here. Like always, I had class from 3:30-6:00. Research methods is one of those, "At-least try and look like you're interested" classes. When that was finished, I made my way to the institute building where the men in my congregation were making us pancakes for dinner. It was so good to spend some time chatting with the other women and enjoying their company. At 7:00 we had a fireside entitled, "Matters of the heart". It was amazing. They reminded us that Valentine's day, a day of love, can be about the greatest love in the world, Jesus Christ. When we turn our hearts to Him, through conversion, we can have miracles in our life. Really, miracles can happen everyday! 

Finally I headed home, a little weary and not ready for the hours of homework that lay ahead. Gratefully, Stuart said he would stop by for a minute once I got home. I am so grateful for this man. He makes my days a little easier. When I opened the door to let him in he had a beautiful bouquet of roses. 

                      The man is wise. What girl is expecting roses on February 13th? 

Early the next morning, I took the cookies I made, along with a C.D. of some songs I had written for him, and placed them on his doorstep. You should have seen the various text messages that Davina and I sent back and forth trying to figure out the best way to deliver these cookies. I couldn't knock on his door, it was too early. I didn't have any tape to leave a note on his door telling him to look to the side, since I didn't want him to step on them as he left the house. So, we finally settled on a text message drop-off. Turns out that Stuart got out of bed early to get them, so his room mates wouldn't step on them. I guess I can say that he's losing sleep over me. 

I had little joys throughout the day as I opened a package from my parents complete with a Snicker's bar. They know me so well!

Finally, Stuart came over and we made Alfredo chicken penne and ceasar salad. Complete with candles and beautiful placemats from my mom (thank-you!) 

I am so grateful for this good man and all he does for me. He helps me to see beyond the haze of graduate school and reminds me often of just how strong I am. What a wonderful life I lead.