Tuesday, June 14, 2011


That's how I feel. Merhhh. I'm tired from school, although I have enjoyed it and I'm tired of dealing with boys (both those who are no longer in my life and those that feel like they should be). Okay, now that I'm done complaining let me tell you how awesome my life is. My room mate made cupcakes this morning... SO DELICIOUS! I got to have lunch with my old room mate... LOVE HER AND WILL MISS HER WHEN SHE GETS MARRIED NEXT WEEK! The sun is finally out in Utah (It has taken a long time to get here) and with that comes a bit of an allergic reaction to the heat, but I got meds for it... SO GRATEFUL FOR DOCTORS! And lastly, I get to go home in a week, which means I will miss little Scott, Lena and Scott a ton, but so happy they will come for a Georgia visit this year... LOVE THEM!