Saturday, September 19, 2009

One last post... today

So, we had two very important speakers come to BYU. Elaine S. Dalton, who is the general Young Women's President, and President Monson. They both did such an amazing job. Sister Dalton spoke about a return to virtue and moral purity, and President Monson spoke about his personal relationships and the teachings of past Prophets. It was really touching and uplifting.

Thomas S. Monson

Elaine S. Dalton

Abigail Johnson

My cousin-in-law, Susie, had a baby the other day and so I skipped class in order to go visit her in the hospital. Abigail is cute and very sleepy! Susie was cute also, she's going to be a good little mama. 

Me and Abigail

Lena and Abigail


Once again Lena and Scott saved me from the boredom that I was imposing on myself. When they called saturday night and invited me to the Utah State Fair was VERY excited. I don't remember ever going to the state fair in Georgia, so it was pretty awesome. They had a lot of animals, but I think the best part was the rodeo. There were a lot of people there, and all the compeititors were SO good. I was so impressed. 

Barrel Racing!!! Lena and Scott are going to have a little girl someday who barrel races with cute little braided pigtails.

These cowboys were really cool. I mean they're cowboys, what else can I say? 

To the rescue! 
Bull riding was the scariest part. At one point, these guy wasn't moving and the paramedics had to come out and check on him, but he turned out okay. There were a lot of impressive rides. 

Taylor Swift?

Right before I flew out to Utah, we were staying in a hotel near Atlanta while the boys went to a Shawn Hannity Freedom Concert. When we left to go to airport, we noticed a giant tour bus with Taylor Swift across the side. It was pretty awesome to think that Taylor Swift might have been in the same hotel as us. We thought about trying to track her down, but then thought that sounded a little creeper style. 

My new home

Yes. I haven't posted anything in a long time. But, I am finally taking time out of my not so busy saturday to show you a little about my new life. 

I moved in first thing on a monday, a week before school started. Luckily I had a lot of time to unpack my stuff, because it looked slightly like a tornado zone. I spent the first week twiddling my thumbs, anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new school year. I found that cleaning, unpacking and reading are quite good distractions.

Saturday, we had a welcome breakfast from alpine court. It was slightly early for most people, but if you're reading this you all ready know that I thrive on early mornings. Going from left to right: Nicole is from New York/ Philippines, Becca is from Mesa, Crystal is from California and her cousin Jaci.