Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to Update!

This is me and my friend Grant from my New Testament class who I asked to ladies choice. It was a Jane Austen themed dance and they had a really nice dinner and dance instruction set up. We went with another set of friends and so it was extra fun! 

Then there are the days where we all get so bored and tired of school that we just need a girls night out so it's off to Fudruckers for a spicy chicken sandwich and a little de-stressing before the upcoming week! Give me more Saturdays please!

Every night of the week one of the room mates has to make dinner and on my night one week I made Navajo fry bread and scones. YUMMMMMYYYYY! They were delicious and so easy! Just take bread dough (I bought mine at the store) and flatten it out and fry it in oil and then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it. Oh and the Indian fry bread just fry dough bread in oil and then put all your favorite taco toppings on it!