Friday, April 19, 2013

Live the life.

"Love the life you live. Live the life you love." The other day I ran into an old friend. Okay, an old boyfriend. With a little sadness I thought back to the time during which we had dated and all the not-so-fun stuff that has happened since that time (dealing with saying goodbye to my best friends, trying to avoid heartache- very unsuccessfully, I might add and packing). Yes, I add packing to a list of not-so-fun things because I have been "packing" for almost eight weeks now, but have to keep unpacking. But guess what? This is the life I love. I love the cloudy days because they make me love sunshine. I love running down roads I probably shouldn't (literally and figuratively). I love going shopping at D.I. with Chelsea (Becca, don't cringe). I love the snow, and all the other things that have made this time in Provo so stinkin' enjoyable.

 I've loved my wards (congregation) and my bishops. Their service is so appreciated by all of the people that they touch and all of the lives that they help us figure out how to lead! I remember distinctly sitting in Brother Barlow's office (a leader in one of my old wards). I was complaining about life... about boys and how nothing was working out as I had planned. I was twenty-one at the time and bemoaning the fact that my boyfriend had broken up with me and blah blah blah. He looked at me and said, "I've heard you say, 'I want, I want, I want', but what does the Lord want for you?" So over the course of these last few years, I've asked what He wants. He wants me to live righteously, repent and turn to Him.

That is the life I want. To live with God, both now and in the eternities. Oh how blessed we are!

Thank-you to everyone who has helped me at BYU. I appreciate you.