Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Who, me?

My best friend, Becca Hay, is visiting from Texas. Everyday she's been she's said two very important things: 

1. This is not where I expected you to live. 
Apparently my country-ness did not come out while in Provo. The horses, chickens and cows just never seem to come up in everyday conversation. I wouldn't trade where I grew up for anything. 
2. I love it here, it is so peaceful. 
It is, isn't it? I wake up and there is no noise. No cars, no loud people and no self listing everything that needs to be done during the day. Yes, things need to be done. Horses don't feed themselves, and graduate school will not pay for itself. But, a person to be loved is always more important than a chore to be done. 

So, while I anxiously await the next chapter of my life, I can also revel in the time I have here at home, because it is beautiful.