Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It needs a title

Titles and conclusions. That's always the hardest part! So I need your help. I had to write a poem for my marriage prep class. Brace yourself. It's really sappy. The instructions were to write "to our future sweetheart". That already indicates sappiness. But, it needs a title. Suggestions?

In temple walls lies our eternity,
Because of a promise of utmost purity;
An understanding of God’s pure love
And quiet promptings from Him above
To stay on the path that we began
And reach the temple and enter therein.

This day I vow to you, my dear,
That I will stay throughout the years
That God, a pillar He may be
As we strive to raise our family.
I pray each time we enter again,
We will renew our love and seek His hand.

I promise to love you more each day
And show that love in Holy ways;
That you may know it is you I treasure,
And that we use God as a purer measure.
For the crowning of this life will be
When I am yours for eternity.