Saturday, June 13, 2009

We went out last night

Last night as I began preparing myself for bed, after a slightly more exhausting day than expected, I heard voices in the front room. Having been alone just minutes before, and knowing that my room mates were all gone, I became a wee bit panicked. Was someone breaking in? To my relief, I heard Keri's loud hollar of, "Daily, are you here?"When I popped my head around the corner, they invited me to come grab Brick Oven and they would then head to their place.

After a long day of studying and practicing, that sounded delightful! We left Keri's car at the Elms and walked to brick oven to pick up the pizza. It looked stormy on the way there, and we all commented on what a beautiful night it was feeling like. Keri ran back to get the car, because of a slight drizzle, and a desire not to get the pizzas wet. As she was gone there was a loud clap of thunder and the skies opened up with a fury. Keri returned soaked to the bone, but of course laughing.

We drove to their apartment, ate pizzas and talked. Some of their friends were there from the ward and it was great to see they were enjoying this one as much as they had 101st. Much to our dismay, one of their ward members popped his head inside our open door and asked, "Does Ashley have a red jeep, I think someone just hit it." Ashley loves that car and takes great care of it. After her return of the inspection, and just a slight hint of sadness, Ashley was in good spirits. 

We did prayer together, and headed home. Tuesday I will go to a Temple open house with them and be privileged to enjoy their antics once more. Until then, I will rely on my new room mates, who are just as hilarious and make my little apartment seem more like living with sisters than room mates, but then again, as I always tell Kristal, "We're not friends just room mates." Of course, as sisters do, we joke like that often.