Friday, April 9, 2010

Rocking out

I don't know if you can actually rock out on the piano when playing a classical piece, but if you can I think I did. Last night I had a recital with a group of people who are also taking 160 piano lessons from BYU. I performed Brahms Intermezzo Op. 118 No. 2. I would recommend you looking it up, because it is one of the most GORGEOUS pieces I have heard. I was almost last on the program which didn't help calm my nerves. But, I did get to hear some beautiful and fun music before I played, maybe getting ideas for a future performance. When it came time for me to play I thought, "Well I can either be nervous and bomb, or be nervous and give it all I got." I opted for number two. It's an amazing feeling to really get into the piece you play, I tried to be super expressive and wasn't really worried when I missed a couple of notes. The most amazing part was that I was relaxed during the whole piece (that never happens!) Afterwards my piano teacher, Mandy, came up and she just couldn't stop smiling (much like myself.) And THEN my old piano teacher, Nicole, told me that while I was playing she turned to Mandy and said, "What did you do with her? She sounds amazing!" Anyways, this was really just a personal victory in that my nerves didn't get in the way of my piano playing and expression. And to top it all off, Nicole made amazing angel food cake, and it was waiting to be cut when I got back :) Life is sooooo good! Now off to finals, first test looming on monday!